Imperium Interface

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The perfect solution to running your amps offstage, backstage, in ISO cabs, or anywhere but directly in front of your pedalboard.

The Imperium Interface is made up of two boxes: The SEND and RECEIVE.

The Imperium SEND converts your unbalanced, high impedance guitar signal to a low impedance, balanced, XLR signal. The Imperium RECEIVE converts your signal back to high impedance by your amp. This allows you to run much longer distances without experiencing any of the negatives that would come along with running a standard long 1/4inch cable.

Set up the SEND by your pedalboard and power with a standard Center Negative 9v power supply, just like you'd use for any of your typical effect pedals. Connect with a standard XLR cable and place the RECEIVE by your amp with a short 1/4inch cable to your amp.

The SEND features a discreet, active buffer circuit to keep your tone clean and true.

The RECEIVE features a passive design and does not require a power supply.

-High quality hand made product
-Power Indicator LED
-Neutrik XLR connectors
-Discreet, active buffer circuit
-Standard 9v Center Negative Power

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